Chief Consultant

Hello and welcome to ANGGP website! My name is Hilda Adelanke Aderoba, Chief Consultant of the AWEP Nigeria Green Gold Project.

My story with AWEP is rooted in investments. I have been living with my husband and children in the United States for the past twenty-four years, and over these years, my family has been my focus. When my children were grown and in the university, I began looking for an opportunity that would allow me to follow my passions and invest my time and finances into an organization that is committed to the development of women in Nigeria, a country that I identify as home, especially the rural areas.

Last year, I heard about AWEP through a friend and after studying the objectives of the organization, I decided to contact the president, Mrs. Zainab Jaji and expressed my interest in becoming involved. We spoke about my expertise and success with writing grant proposals, a skill I mastered throughout graduate school, and President Jaji explained how that skill would be useful to the organization when looking for ways to finance different projects and programs. President Jaji then introduced me to Ms. Ora Ataguba, who is the Vice President of the southwest region which includes Lagos, where I was born and raised, and Ondo City, where my family is from. After speaking with Vice-President Ora Ataguba, I joined the organization, paid my dues, and immediately began searching for grant opportunities that we could apply for as an organization. President Jaji informed us of a grant that was available through the United States embassy in Abuja. The beginning of the process was tough because as the grant writer and a new member, I was responsible for providing information about AWEP that I had yet to learn. Vice President Ataguba, who eventually became the ANGGP Project Director, and I worked closely throughout the development of the proposal, and in October of 2016, we learned that we had received partial funding from the U.S. Embassy for our AWEP Nigeria Green Gold Project (ANGGP). Like previously stated, my story with AWEP is rooted in investments. In order to create an organization that benefits an entire society, individuals must be willing to invest what is necessary to yield those profits and in our case, it is time and finances. We are an assembly of empowered women who are devoted to empowering those that share a common heritage. As Nigerians, we all come from innovative mothers who taught us strategies for success. AWEP has created an environment where we all can benefit from one another. I have developed long lasting friendships as well as mutually beneficial business partnerships. AWEP is an organization that transcends socioeconomic standings, ethnic and age groups. I encourage all Nigerian women who are involved in business to invest in AWEP because not only are we benefiting from one another; we are impacting our society and generations to come.