Mission Statement

AWEP Nigeria seeks to equip African business women with the tools and opportunities to:

  • Accelerate the growth of their businesses
  • Become leaders in their communities
  • Drive social and economic progress in Nigeria.


  • Accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses and export capacity.
  • Foster leadership for women’s businesses organizations.
  • Support women’s advocacy roles as “voices of change” in their communities.


  1. Creating a database that encompasses information and images relating to women and their businesses
  2. Educate and bring awareness to women concerning the importance of technology to their respective businesses such as: social media and networking (Social media and networking will assist in gaining access to valuable resources which includes: advice, funding information, knowledge/skills, social legitimacy, or social support.)
  3. Provide business training and eradicate low productivity – Limited vocational and technical skills may be caused by women’s lower educational attainment or social norms that limit their physical mobility
  4. Provide Training on access to finance – Lack of knowledge of this topic causes a less favorable profile with investors since women own small businesses and do not have adequate collateral
  5. Educate women entrepreneurs on Government Policy /legal – Limited or lack of knowledge of government legislation and less experience on starting a business can discourage women from owning and running their own business.