Hello everyone and welcome to your online guide to all things ANGGP!

Here, you will find information about our AWEP Nigeria Green Gold Project (ANGGP) which includes projects objectives, storylines of our Chief Consultant, Project Director, Coordinators, Volunteers and key officials of African Women Entrepreneurship Programme (AWEP) who have greatly impacted the success of the first phase of this project.

AWEP discovered that there was no database or a complete list of network/hub of rural and urban women entrepreneurs in northern Nigeria, having a database that encompasses information relating to women and their businesses will be beneficial to AWEP Nigeria and our stakeholders, it will also provide easy access to this information during future engagement with female entrepreneurs in this part of the country.

Our goals for ANGGP are huge, but at this moment, we have only received some funding to carry out the first phase of our project which includes the formation of a database that has information about individual female entrepreneurs in the northern region of Nigeria.  Although we are excited about the progress we have been making with Phase 1, we are eagerly looking for funding to continue into our second phase. Focus of the second phase will be to further assist approximately 100,000 female entrepreneurs who are in the database we are currently creating. So, as you peruse this site and observe our progress, keep in mind that this is only the first chapter and we are tirelessly working to find funding that will allow us to continue this project that will make a substantial difference.